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ASUS Flow X13 GV301QE (+ ASUS ROG XG Mobile GC31S) USB issues, or other issues?

Level 7

I am hoping for some insight or help here. I just recently got my ASUS Flow X13, and for the most part it seems to work fine, however I seem to have these strange issues where the USB network adapter in the XG Mobile unit suddenly just drops out for a second before coming back, and sometimes my mouse just jumps randomly on the screen to one of the corners. This is making gaming pretty much impossible as I drop out of online games, and my mouse issues disrupts my entire game flow, more so in FPS kind of games where I just end up spinning rapidly whenever it happens for several seconds before I can wriggle the mouse back and get my orientation on track.

In addition I seem to struggle to connect my thrustmaster joysticks to the laptop, as they are not recognized at all. And I do have the newest drivers for them.

Is there any known issues with the USB in this model? Can it be other issues? A windows issue? Any good ideas for what to do?

The mouse seems to behave similar both connected through the Mobile HUB as well as directly to the laptop.

I do notice on every boot up that I get the USB connecting sound some seconds after logging in to windows, and my USB network adapter goes out and comes back, this happens every time I boot up (and intermittently otherwise). The network is actually working fine just as I boot up, seeing steam downloads and everything, then drops and comes back. The RGB lights on my USB devices also seem to not be initialized to my otherwise dim settings before this happens as well.

When looking at the device manager, it is a really huge list of devices, a lot more than I would have anticipated. Images here:

This might just be windows doing windows things, but seems to be duplicates and everything. I tried turning the options to let windows turn off the power on the hubs off as well.

I got one keyboard and one mouse connected, as well as one external SSD drive. Other than that I got one USB mic, and my thrustmaster joystick and throttle, which windows is not finding. That is it. I plan on getting a USB HUB with more drives down the road.

The hardware is working fine on my old computer, so I doubt it is hardware damage to the mouse/keyboard/joysticks/SSD.

I got the newest chipset drivers, and newest BIOS running, as well as updated my windows and all I can from Armory Crate.

I am at a loss as to what is going on and what I can do further, I would appreciate any tips at all! Because right now I got a fairly expensive and high end rig that is simply not doing what I want it to do.

Best Regards.

Level 7
Hi. I am sorry to read about your problem. I have had a number of issues with mine (similar setup as yours - X13 + XGm), but never experienced any problem with USB plugged to the XGm so far.
This is now my 3rd unit, as I had to return the previous two for the issue I reported in this thread. So I believe I am speaking with facts and experience. Of course I will report here if I encounter any USB issue in the future.
For the time being I advise you raise a claim to Asus Support, and try to get a replacement brand new unit from your dealer.

Lots of problems on these little babies since launch...

Hey, I've been thinking... If you haven't tried this yet, you should definitely disable the "USB selective suspend" setting in Windows. You will find lots on this if you look it up on the web.


Hi all,
My x13 was subject to freeze from weeks with several situation (games, yt, email), always with RTX3080 xg mobile attached, never without; until i found the simple solution: disactive material acceleration in FireFox parameters...
All wroks fine in time
i hope this helps someone