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A question on ASUS ROG Flow X16 Storage.

Level 7

I recently bought the ASUS ROG Flow X16 AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS, 32GB DDR5, 1TB SSD for the primary drive, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti 8GB - model.

Amazon shows that the laptop model has 2x 2TB PCIe SSD slots. It came with 1TB Micron SSD. If I want to use 2TB SSD in the other slot does it mean I need to use it in the primary slot too? Or can I just leave the 1TB as it is and use the 2TB SSD in the other slot? 

My doubt is that does it have like a 1TB - 1TB/ 2TB - 2TB compatibility? Or can I just use the extra slot for a 2TB having the 1TB as the C Drive (Operating System's drive)?

Please carry the discussion further on if you have any doubts about my question.


Level 12

Follow the direction on this site I am posting and see if you system can take the upgrade.  you can as well check at the Patriot Ram 

Level 7

It should work without any problem, as well it should work with bigger ssd as well, I try my X16 with 4TB and it work without problem - with 1 SSD and with 2 ssd 4TB. First anyhow I had 1 TB and add 4 TB as second one. Later clone first one (1TB) to that 4 TB and later work with 2 SSD 4 TB. 

Hope my answer is clear (English is not m first language).

Level 8

im currently running mine with dual 2tb drives it works just fine i belive it will support up to 12 tb as in, one 8tbmvme and one 4tbmvme as their may be interference between the first slot and the wifi card.