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2022 ROG Flow X13 USB 4 BIOS Update (possibly Ryzen Zephyrus and Strix as well)?

Level 7
Now that AMD has released drivers to officially support USB 4 has anyone seen a timeline from Asus for an updated BIOS with USB 4? Asus has committed to providing support for the X13 but I haven't been able to find a timeline other than later in 2022. This may apply to 2022 Zephyrus and Strix ROG laptops on the Ryzen 9 6000 mobile platform as well.

Due to USB 3 limitations and lack of Thunderbolt, hub options are very limited for those with 4k 120Hz monitors (or dual monitors) and no desire to purchase an XG Mobile, so this will definitely solve a problem...

AMD Ryzen 9 6000 USB 4 Official Support:

Asus ROG 2022 Flow X13 USB 4 Support (time 5:15):