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Wi-fi settings disapear after resting CMOS?

Level 7

I bought a ROG PC today and had some complications while trying to get windows set up the first time. It ended up requiring a BIOS reset to get the PC to boot again.

After this reset however, during setup, it acted like there was no WI-fi card installed, it didnt bring up any networks and asked me to connect via ethernet, so I lugged the thing downstairs and plugged it into the ethernet and finished setup.

Still, even with a fully set up PC, there are no wifi settings to be found. I am suddenly wifi-less despite the fact that i was able to connect to my network with zero issues the first time I tried setting it up, before it screwed up.

I checked my network devices and it lists a "Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6E AX211" 160MHz but says its "Not Present"

Did resetting the BIOS with CMOS somehow ****** up my wi-fi card? It looks like the wifi is built into the motherboard, how would I go about fixing it?



Hello orewa

Clearing the cmos shouldn't affect your wifi settings and I'm pretty sure your wifi card is ok.

Here is a video that shows some steps on how to get wifi to show in your settings.







Level 8

The BIOS reset may have affected your Wi-Fi card. Check the card's physical connection, update its drivers, check the Wi-Fi BIOS/UEFI settings, and double-check the antenna connections. If the problem persists, please contact ASUS support for help.