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Upgraded Asus ROG G20CI - Quick Guide and Some Questions

Level 7
Hi! I just wanted to share some information as I had difficulty to find information about G20CI GPU upgrade.

New GPU -> PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 Fighter 10GB OC Graphics Card(Yes It's dual slot, not blower)
New Ram -> Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz CL16 Memory Kit
No crashes not a single BSOD. Using the original adapter.

Most guides out there for G20AJ, which has an JDC011 pin and G20CI has not. For upgrading G20CI you don't need to change any pins. JUST PLUG THE 6 PIN CABLE ON IT'S SLOT AND YOU ARE DONE. Actually easier than G20AJ.


Played CoD:Modern Warfare 2(2022), temps were actually between 95-100 on 2K Extreme Settings, It was a bit worrying for me so I put the settings down and played the game on 2K low-medium between smooth 100-110 fps while temps were between 85-90.

Made some research, actually AMD cards are working hotter than NVIDIA and temps are fine for them up to 110C. Wow, is that real?

Next-> 3DMark SpeedWay DX12 Benchmark Score -> 2053 is the number 1 for RX 6700, my results; 1802, average temp 64C, I think it's fine.

Next-> Gotham Knights, on 2K Highest Settings(Ray Tracing Off, FSR Off) higher than 80 indoor areas and 45-70 on open world. This game is terribly optimized so I think it is fine, temps were between 90 and 100 on highest settings.