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Strix GL12 missing screws?

Level 7
I just recieved a Strix GL12 with the hot-swappable ssd tray, and I was wondering if it was supposed to come with screws for installing an SSD? The only screws that came with the tray are hand screws that let me put on the acrylic side panel, unless those are what i'm supposed to use for the tray as well, and I have to decide whether I want an SSD in the tray or the see-through panel on? Does anybody know if I was supposed to get more screws with this tower, or what kind of screws I should buy if I want to put an SSD in the tray?

Level 10
Hello ajkuras,
How's everything now?
Have you checked with the seller or our local team?
Each region might have slightly different model and parts.
Let ms know if you need anything.
Thank you.

Level 13
No Extra Screws Are Included In The GL12or any Asus Prebuilt PC when you install new hardware buy screws from any pc shop and any best buy will have screws , all best buy stores have pc repair shop screws 10 cents just tell them the hardware you are installing .