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RTX 2070 for G20 ?

Level 7
Hi everyone. I wanna upgrade my g20 to rtx2070. Version asus turbo. Size of this card little more than reference. 1070FE - 26.67 x 11.12 x3.81 Centimeter, RTX 2070 turbo - 26.8 x 11.3 x4 Centimeter. How do you think, there will be no problems?

rottnpup wrote:
I'm running and RTX 2080 in my G20AJ with the 180 and 220 watt power supplies with no problems so the RTX 2070 should run just fine.

Could you please precise if you had to modify the jumpers, add some cables, or if you encountered any trouble whatsoever ? I've read several times here that people have troubles with the mouse and keyboard after upgrading with the RTX 20XX... Thanks for your advices.

spartan_hoplite wrote:
Yes that will work

every time I plug my rtx 2070 super oc asus video card the keyboard fails to post during the boot up so i can not get into the bios i am thinking it is low wattage