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ROG STRIX GD30CI upgrade to 3080

Level 7
I am looking to install a RTX 3080 into my ROG STRIX GD30CI desktop.

will there be any issues with this upgrade? Is there any other hardware I will need to replace to make this GPU upgrade compatible?

You'd have to replace the power supply as it's too small and you'll have to measure the clearances. Most 3080s are big cards and the founder's card is really tall to where it won't fit in skinny cases.
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Level 11
the only card that you might have a chance to fit would be the "GEFORCE RTX 3080 TWIN X2 OC 10GB GDDR6X PCI-EXPRESS GRAPHICS CARD" but we would need to know how much room do you have in the length from the front to the back in the case, cause most of the RTX 3080 are 3 fans design which makes them long, but the one I posted above is a 2 fan design.

Level 13
List Of Compatible Components , I Have same PC And Have Installed Some Of The Upgrades