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Rog g20cb turned off by itself and doesn't turn on anymore

Level 7

My rog g20cb just shut off out of nowhere while idling and now it won't turn on anymore. The keyboard still lights up when it's plugged in so it shouldn't be the psu.


I bought my g20cb in Canada 4-5 years ago and I'm living in Bali now. I've tried bringing it to the asus service center here but they refuse to even look at it because it was not bought locally.  Sending it back to Canada for service would probably cost more than buying a new pc out here. I'm at a loss in what to do. 


Level 11

The standard voltage in Bali is a 230V supply voltage and a 50Hz standard frequency. The voltage can fluctuate quite a bit in Bali, depending on where you stay. Canada is 120V supply voltage and 60Hz. Even though the power adapter can handle 230V 50Hz it could have lost one of its voltage outputs or could no longer handle the 230v load. I would try replacing the AC power adapter first.

Brought in Canada 4-5 years ago even with a receipt no warranty (extended warranty lost).

Check the voltage output on your power adapter. 

How To Fix Test your Charger / Power Cord / Adapter Cable - Computer Not Turning On - YouTube


There seems to be power going through still though. The keyboard still lights up when plugged into the USB of the pc. And the network card led still lights up.

Hard to tell but any PC shop can fix it. Just go to a local PC shop.