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ROG G20 Upgrading from a 65W CPU to a 95W is posible?

Level 7
Hi there!

Got an ASUS ROG G20 (BM mobo). I was interested on upgrading CPU from my FX 770K (65W) to an superior model of AMD FM2+ socket.

This is because is not easy to find an INTEL mobo to buy and get into my case... I am just wondering. It's posible with the 180W+230W PSU upgrade to a 95W CPU and a NVIDIA 1060GTX GPU?


Level 7
Hallo? 🙂

Level 11
that cpu won't work for that computer, your in for some bad luck, the AMD doesn't have a descent upgrade and when you do its very little upgrade and not worth it, I would sell that computer and go for the intel model instead. you should be able to buy the intel motherboard and fit that case and then go to the i7 4790, yeah get the power bricks 230&180 and 2 power cables and you can easy upgrade to the 1060, or unless you buy the gtx 1050ti where you only need the 230watt power brick

Welsh Gaming

Thank you!