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ROG G20 restore to original Windows 8.1

Level 7


I just got an i7 8 GB RAM and NVDIA GTX 780 for a very low price (£50 no less) as it did not have the twin pack power supply (180 & 230 watt). Fortunately it booted up fine but as the previous owner had set a pin in Windows 10 I had to reinstall that OS on the C Drive. As can be seen from the screenshot, the 2 TB drive still has the original restore partition for Windows 8.1. Pressing f9 brought up a number of options, but not to restore it back to the factory 8.1. Odd though it is I prefer 8.1 to both 10 and 11, so does anyone know whether the drive can be factory restored to the original 8.1, and more importantly how does one do this? Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received.