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ROG G10DK-WB764 Offset Panel Mount Thumb Screws missing

Level 7
Hello all,

I just bought an ROG G10DK-WB764 Desktop (Ryzen R7 5700G, GeForce RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD)

The photos show a clear side panel, but it came with a metal one installed. The clear side panel was in the box, but not the mounting screws. My friend also bought the same one and his came with these.


Apparently, the one piece on the right screws into the side of the case, then the post goes into the holes on the panel, then the screw on the left holds the panel in place. That thumbscrew on the right holds the panel about 1/4" away from the case for airflow.

I tried to contact ASUS support to have them send me ASUS P/N: 13PD02L0AM0802 but they kept referencing the generic G10DK manual and parts list, not the G10DK-WB764. They said that they don't see the clear side panel or the mounts listed as part of my system. 😞

I have been searching online trying to find something similar, but I don't even know what to call these exactly. I mean, they are thumb screws, but they are also offsets. Anyone know where I can buy a set of these? Amazon, eBay, whatever???


Level 7
**** Update ****

ASUS support escalated my request to a senior technical team. They said " the G10DK-WB764 sold by Walmart and comes with the transparent side cover according to Walmart's website if we want to trust it. Anyway, if the desktop comes with the transparent side cover, it should include the screws to install the transparent side cover, so yes, the G10DK-WB764 should some with the screws or screw kit to install the transparent side cover."

I guess that's progress because they have at least acknowledged that I SHOULD HAVE received the mounting screws. Unfortunately, they did not address HOW I could get a replacement set. So I am still on the lookout for some place to purchase these if anyone has seen them for sale anywhere.

I found an online retailer that sells these, but they are in Sweden and there is an extra fee to ship outside the EU. They don't even tell you how much, so it may be small, but still.

Sum: 4.61 EUR excl. VAT ($5.22 USD)
Delivery cost: 22.00 EUR ($24.93 USD)
Sum: 26.61 EUR ($30.15 USD)

Please note that when ordering from outside the European Union(EU) additional changes for custom duties and VAT may apply in connection with the receipt of the delivery.

I don't think the VAT on a set of screws would be much, but that shipping is just under 5x the cost of the item.
Anyone know of a company in the US selling these? I wish ASUS would just send me the parts I was shorted, but I would spend $8 or $10 to be done with this issue.