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ROG CG 8580 Extreme

Level 7
Just bought a ROG CG 8580 Extreme recently during a trade fair . It come with a HDMI cable, understand the system is HDMI ready, but when I connect the HDMI cable from the CPU to the 27" widescreen led monitor, no image ,nothing shown on the monitor, however when I use the DVI cable and plug it into the DVI port, same also to the VGA, it's OK. Is there a work around?. Am I missing out on something. Any help apprecate. .....ricky1088

Level 15
Hi Ricky!

Just some basic questions first:

Are you using the HDMI port on the graphics card (lower one), not the motherboard (possibly one by the USB ports).

What 27" monitor? Your monitor is switched to accept the HDMI input? Have you tried another HDMI cable?

Hi MarshallR,
sorry forgot to write the LCD monitor model. I have upgraded to the ASUS 27"widescreen led monitor. model VK278Q.
Do you mean I have to switch the monitor to accept the HDMI input. How to do that? I will also try another HDMI cable and see if it work and post back.

Level 7
Yes changing the input option on the monitor.
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