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Restoring optical drive on G20CB - solved

Level 9
Hello everyone! So, I bought this G20CB where the optical drive has been replaced with an SSD. I have the original optical drive with me and I would like to reinstall it back into the case without removing the SSD, since the OS is installed there. Is it possible to do so? In the BIOS it says that there is a third sata port in the motherboard which is unused at the moment (as you can see in the image below), is this true? If so, can you please tell me where this port is located? Also, should I buy a third sata cable to connect the drive? Is any cable fine or do I need a specific one for this model? If you have already done this can you please tell me how should I proceed? Thanks in advance.


Level 9
So, I managed to open the case today and I found something. First of all, I believe I have found where the third sata port on the motherboard is located. Secondly, I saw that a sata-power cable compatible with the ssd is already inside the PC, great. On the contrary, it seems that there isn't an extra sata-data cable inside, so I guess I have to buy one. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Ok, I solved the problem myself. I bought a generic sata III cable 10cm long with a 90° connector and it fits perfectly! I used it to connect the SSD which I placed inside the cage next to the DVD drive. I also put the optical drive back in and removed the SSD caddy. Everything works perfectly now. If anyone has the same problem, do not hesitate to ask questions.