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Question about the ROG Strix GA35

Level 7

I'm thinking of getting a ROG Strix GA35 G35DX GA35DX-XB999, but it's really expensive and I'd only get it above a cheaper alternative because of the included 24GB for the GPU.

I've heard that the GA35 in general has hot-swap bays and I was wondering if there's any way to use RAM sticks for these to boost the capabilities of the 3080 in the less expensive ROG Strix GA35 G35DX GA35DX-XB989 model.

I'm not an expert when it comes to computers and I just want a computer that can outperform or match the recommended (not minimum) system requirements for new games for the next two or three years (more would be better, but probably not realistic with the current pace of graphical development for video games).


Level 8

@dabansotu  No you can not expand the memory of the XB989/3080 with memory sticks. Both GPU's have sufficient capacity for the next years. Ik you really need to play in 4K then 3090 might be the better option. otherwise choice the 3080. Playing at 1440 with high detail is super too.  The system is no longer produced and only stock is currently being sold. So shop  to get a good price. a 20-30 % discount is minimal.