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New Problems

Level 7
So i have the 980ti, the new 330W power adapter and also switched to Windows 10.
Im getting consistent crashes (video card shutting down!) with certain games
Battlefield 4
Advanced Warfare

It seems like the video card itself shuts off, but there are no temperature issues (and I cant check for spikes because after the crash, there is no log, im forced to hard shutoff (hold powerbutton) and turn back on.
Any ideas?

Level 8
maybe run msi afterburner and limit to 100% ? that's all I can think of. I don't play those games so I can't give feedback on that situation. what's your room's ambient temp... hope the airflow is good. though maybe it's the 330w brick & the board's 230w adapter? I haven't experienced it yet with my 330

Level 7
Its very cool, (my office is in my basement) airflow is good, I had power limited to 100% already, im going to drop to 90 and play like that for awhile
Ok i ran GTA5 in safe mode (resest ALL the video settings)
Then i throttled them up, no problems so far
I may have been using some dedicated NVIDIA video settings, and from what I have read on other forums, the Windows 10 special NVIDIA drivers 'rollback' some of the previous fixes from as far back as 6 months ago, hopefully this gets worked out soon.

Level 8
Was the graphics card power supply kicking off? I have the GTX 980 TI and it kicks off the PSU when I tried to OC too high and game.