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new GT15CF PC :)

Level 7
Hello new to the asus rog strix family here.
I just bought a new pc. I am looking to rip out the 1TB HDD and put in a 4TB SSD and i want to replace the crappy MVNE drive with a 2TB MVNE drive. but first a want to clone the old drive to the new drive making it plug and play :)!!! so will i have issues with going with larger storage drives??? how do i tell if my drives are in one big partition???

Level 13
Need your info for the following.

1. Why 1 TB of HDD and combine with 4 TB SSD, maybe can consider to work without HDD.
2.. How you determine your current NVME is crappy?
3. For boot drive, you will never be abled to get full 100% capacity due to some UEFI and hidden partition for recovery.

Please provide your full spec of your system as detail as possible and usage of your system for current forums members here assist you. Thank you.

OK so here it is.
the unit has a 1TB HDD now looking to upgrade to a 4TB SSD the main drive is some kind of 500GB MVNE drive looking to upgrade to a 2TB MVNE drive. i prefer the samsung drives for performance!!!

I have the I7-12700F with 16GB ram RTX3060 1TB HDD+ 512GB MVNE SSD
here is the model number for the unit as well GT15CF-I73060VR

the meaning behind this project is to upgrade to more storage space and to get rid of the HDD to squeeze a little more performance out of this beast!!!:cool: