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Loud desktop - solutions STRIX GL10CS

Level 7
Few days ago I bought PC - Asus ROG STRIX GL10CS, i7 8700, GTX 1660ti, 16 RAM etc. Tested it for some time, ofcourse PC would be great, its working fine. But its so LOUD, even when pc usage is low its loud, kinda like you would sit close to some not new fridge. When pc usage is high I'm feeling like my helicopter is starting.
Are there some solutions? Really liked how this pc works, how its looking but I can't sit next to it without headphones. There is no silent mode, but didn't expected normal mode is so loud.. Some BIOS setups? I'm really amateur in this kind of things.

*sorry for my english 🙂

Level 13
in the Armoury Crate software there should be fan control , I Have Similar Asus PC , When PC Is Using Many Resources Fans Are Loud ,
Bios Settings In These PC's Are Limited , I Also Found Stopping As Many Software As Possible From Starting Up When Windows Loads Reduces The Fan Noise , I Use CCleaner To Stop Programs From Loading On Start Up CCleaner Free Edition Your English Is Perfect

Only things I can switch in Armoury Crate is something between windwos- balanced - turbo- manual, in manual i can set fan speed by 2 slides(or how to call it) between 0 and 100%, tried almost everything there and nothing works. I can make it only louder by setting it higher. When trying for example 0-20% its still same and shows like cpu 1500 RPM, gpu 939 RPM.
No silent mode or anything... Im already tired becouse of this

Level 13
There Are Driver Updates For Your PC Check version #s if Bios And Others Need Updating

This Forum Member Has Same Desktop As You PM Him Maybe He Can Help

already found armoury crate and dont have this settings... can't do anything there...

Level 13
Is It Possible To Turn Off armoury crate , Do Not Let It Start Up On Boot ? Do Not Let It Run While Pc Is On ?

it is automaticcly taking my setting of pc, i cant choose or switch anything else than i told, samething in bios... going to sent it back in monday.. asus should be better about muting/making quiter pcs...

Level 13
Mine Is The Same , loud , So I Uninstalled The Software ,

Armoury crate doesnt change anything, it was loud and had no AC installed when i tried to fix it, installed it when i wanted to fix this problem.

Level 10
Hello miodulla,
I'm sorry that this is a very old model.
So update support is not provided anymore only if there is important or emergency safety issue.
May you provide a video of how loud the device is?
I will ask your technical support to check, and see what we can help.
Thank you.