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Looking for some ROG G20CB help if possible.

Level 7
Have bought a Rog G20CB refurbished, previous owner gave it back to the shop as they thought it was a different model.

Specs are i7 6700
12GB DDR4 2133mhz, Nvidia GTX 950

Anyway tried booting it and it shows the ASUS splash screen with the words "Preparing Automatic Repair", and as soon as the white Windows 10 dots start to spin (to indicate it is loading) it freezes. I was also getting an occasional error code which said something to do with I/O device, then said file windows/system/winload.efi (i forget exactly) - HDD is fine as i hooked it up to my other desktop and it booted normal, but i installed a fresh Windows 10 anyway (made no difference)

Entered the BIOS on the G20 and my HDD and DVD drive were showing,

However, I then realised I only have the 230W power supply, and when I opened the case, next to the power adapter ports it says on the motherboard:

DC_IN (next to the 180 watt port)

DC_IN_GPU (next to the 230 watt port)

My question is this, am i right in suspecting that I need both power bricks in order to get this to boot correctly. Because my thinking right now is either the GPU, or HDD etc are not getting any power

Really stumped, thanks for your help


Level 13
u need both bricks

Level 11
your best best is to download and install a fresh windows 10, the windows could be gone and hard to fix. you will need more power bricks on, otherwise take oyt the GPU and the second power brick and use the built on HDMI and try it that way to make sure that the graphics card is not the issue also