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How to switch GL12CX from Legucy Bios to UEFI Bios

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On my new GL12CX, in order to perform Overclock using AI, (according to asus OC guide) I need to use the UEFI bios utility.
Curently, on the motherboard (chipset z390), the Bios Utility installed is Ver. 307.
How do I switch to UEFI?

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Welcome to the forums!

Not sure which ASUS OC guide you are referring to (I'm not very familiar with our ASUS motherboards sold separately), but if you didn't already know, the GL12CX complete desktop system uses a customized motherboard that is not sold separately and does not have the same kinds of support and features of the standalone ASUS motherboards sold separately, so basically, there isn't a way to switch your GL12CX bios to something else.

You may already know you can switch to 'advanced' mode in the bios through 'F7' which probably does not help you very much, but it actually is already considered a UEFI bios since your mouse is supported in the bios, and just doesn't support those features found in our standalone ASUS motherboards sold separately, so hope this makes sense and helps. Thanks.

Thank you CL-ALBERT for your reply to my post.

Here is a link to the guide I have which specific state that fit to chipset z390.

Is there any other ASUS guide/method for Overcloking using GL12CX Bios (Ver. 307) advanced mode?

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Sam2299, thanks for the link and yes, it appears to only apply to our motherboards that are sold separately and not the motherboard inside the GL12CX.
At the end of the article, there are some links for the related motherboards.


Not sure if everyone at ASUS will agree with this or if it's correct, but guessing that it is assumed most customers who buy desktops complete like the GL12CX would not normally want to spend much time tinkering with the system and would prefer to just install and play games, so there are not as many features or options for customers to adjust compared to our motherboards sold separately.

Unfortunately, not able to check a GL12CX system right now if you want to check with more people or check back, but expect the bios to be more limited as you may have found already although you may want to check if there are any settings to help with this.

Otherwise, if you haven't looked through the Armoury Crate software in Windows as mentioned at our global website below, you may want to check that too and experiment with the 'manual' mode.
Not sure if your GL12CX came with the air-cooled or liquid-cooled cpu, but just a reminder that you will see some performance issues if there is overheating, so you also want to make sure you have adequate cooling.

"Exclusive Software
Unified System Tuning and Personalization
ROG Armoury Crate puts all essential system and lighting control at your fingertips in a single utility. You can easily change settings for both and define up to four game profiles that automatically make adjustments when you launch your favorite titles. Armoury Crate even lets you manually overclock ROG Strix GL12CX beyond the processor’s factory-overclocked speeds. These options are just the beginning for what will become an even more versatile tool."

Thanks again CL-ALBERT for taking the time and answere me in detail.
Armoury Crate works fine and on Turbo mode speeding up the CPU from 3.6 to 4.6MHz which is quite sufficient to my needs, (and yes, there is liquid cooling device on my machine).
Thanks much

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Sam2299, thanks again for the feedback and glad to hear that worked out.

i also have a a strix GL12 cx 9700k rtx 2080 with bios 307. unfortunately the bios is very limited if you want manual overclocking.
If you want to use AI overclocking . unistall armoury crate and use intel performance maximizer (IPM). Armoury crate on my system is buggy and using IPM has a stable 4.9 GHZ overclock on all cores. hope this helps.