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How do I replace a power adapter for Asus ROG G20AJ-US023S?

Level 7
My questions are: What power adapter does the ASUS ROG G20AJ-US023S use? Where can I get one or a compatible one, since Asus doesn't (according to them) sell any? I am having trouble determining which online listings might refer to something functionally identical.

Also it would really help me to see a complete list of Asus models that all use this same 180w adapter. I believe the three models of ROG G20AJ all use it, but I cannot quite figure out of certain laptop models also do the same. If so, that would expand my options.


Full story follows, though it may not be necessary to answer the question. I'm just bummed about this experience as I've been disappointed by multiple parties.

My 180w power adapter got lost in a move on New Years Day and will not be seen again.

I tried to buy a replacement through, as they looked like they had a good deal. They are a scam. My purchase is protected through paypal so I took a chance on a seller without much history, but I wasted a lot of time before finally getting refunded.

I tried to buy a replacement through 3rd party supplier UpBright. It seems to be dead on arrival, but interestingly, the computer has two power ports and UpBright's uses the smaller one. I can verify that the computer works using a different cable for a short period of time, though admittedly I'm only testing the larger port. Makes me wonder. I'm returning it to upbright though, since it appears to be defective for its advertised purpose. They did list the exact model ASUS ROG G20AJ-US023S.

Asus tech support was utterly terrible at the simple task of telling me how to replace my power adapter. The asus store assured me no such part exists, never has and never will, and they can tell me no details about it either since it just doesn't exist and they must think these boxes plug straight into the wall or something. Asus tech support repeatedly assures me that I should not be talking to them because I should be calling the store's number and maybe if I tell them my story exactly right they will sell me the part this time. Many hours wasted calling both numbers over and over.

Level 8
Here is one from a trusted seller on ebay for 59.85 with free shipping.

Excellent find. It's the right model number according to the other post, and I can live with a couple scratches.

Level 11
yeah either that or find a power brick made by delta as their make them for all the asus rog machines now

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