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Help Needed ASUS ROG G20, crashing, restart

Level 7
Hello all, I have had my computer for about a year now, untill recently everything was working fine, a couple weeks back I took my computer to a local shop after it had started to act funny, namely it will only run the games that I play for a couple mins before crashing, sometimes will restart the whole computer, I am not sure what the problem is as I have checked all drivers, all windows updates, directx is up to date, still the problem seems to persist. When I took it in I was thinking maybe something was wrong with the graphics card (GTX 1070) but after spending a few days with the comp, the tech couldn't find anything wrong, I was wondering if maybe you fine folks could point me in the right direction, I am a computer noob, I did try to do some google reasearching but all I could find was the typical stuff check drivers windows updates direct x (all which are good). I have honestly come to a roadblock as to my knowledge with computers or what to do, I just wanna game! lol Would possibly a fresh install of windows help? I am confused and would appreciate any advice! Thanks so much!

Happy Halloween!

Level 8

Are you receiving any BSOD errors upon crashing?
Do you have any kind of artifacts or lines on screen, or slow to poor graphical performance prior to it shutting down or does it simply lose all power?
If you arent finding any issues such as the above, the chances are your 1070 is ok and the issue is related to something else.
Have you tested both the 9.23A and 11.8 A charge bricks to ensure theyre both OK?

If the person you took it to has tested it properly, I would hope they would have tested it using Furmark for the GPU, and something like aida64 or prime95 fft tests for the CPU and RAM to put it under load to see if they could replicate the issue.

This is not a given though. The unit may only cut out when under intensive or high load and they mot have tested for this. I repaired a g20 not too long ago that was suffering from a resistor issue whereby once at a certain temp, it would cause the unit to shut down due to the temp readings.

I would spend the £45 diagnosis fee and RMA it out of warranty to ASUS. They'll perform all the relevant diagnostics to pin point the issue and then provide you with what is actually wrong, then you can choose whether to proceed with a repair or have it back unrepaired.
If the unit has a 24 month warranty, which i believe they may do (dont quote me on that) then it may well be free provided you can provide a proof of purchase.

Level 11
sounds like a fresh install of windows will do the world of good for your pc, if you still have crashes after the fresh install. do you have a spare work GPU? if so then make plug that in and try a few games and see if that helps, also make sure that you have MSI Afterburner running in background, this will allow your GPU to spin up when the temps start to spike up. let me know if you have other issues