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Having trouble Finding a Power supply For a Asus ROG G20

Level 8
i purchased a ASUS ROG G20 without the Power Cables and i am having trouble finding anything online about it. I cannot seem to find one anywhere. Wondering if anyone has any leads. Thanks

PC example below

Level 12
By the power cables, do you mean the power brick ?

so like this

and use a std 3 prong laptop/notebook cord to whatever wall socket fitting you have.

For most of these models, nowadays you will want both the 180w and 230 power supply. These are essentially power supplies that are usually used on laptops, so they have power bricks that sit outside of your PC. What you are showing in that picture includes an ASUS OEM holder for both supplies. I'm not sure what it's called, but I haven't been able to find one online. You might be able to find one every once in a while if you figure out what the call it.

Double check the models/compatibilities, but these should work if you have G20AJ:

These are ASUS brand. You could probably find cheaper if you go off-brand.

By the way, with the 2 power supplies, you can upgrade the GPU pretty well (with the proper "blower" style fan). I have a 1660 running in mine now. I've read of people doing GTX 2000s and beyond. Some people have also successfully used a 330w power supply.