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GTX980Ti: The Ultimate PSU Solution

Level 8
Yeah well been talking on this matter for a long time, not just few members, all of us. First me and few others confirmed that Asus stoke 230W PSU can handle GTX980Ti then we realized not much and during peak usage GPU shuts down. Then Dell 330W PSU was brought up as a solution which proved to be not as much it glows on paper with 330W power, me and few others tested it, my own experience showed although it has 330W power, it doesnt work as good as Asus 230W psu.

Last week something hit my mind: Can we use an internal PC PSU for the GTX980Ti? on theory it`s very much possible as it`s simply 1x 6pin + 1x 8ping power PCI-E power sockets but there were two other things to consider:

-Those internal PC PSU`s have a 20/24 pin sockets which attaches to the motherboard and power off/on commands are taken from the motherboard using that socket. So in short, we have to make the PSU work Directly on its own to power off and on using the power button behind it.

-How to pass the PCI-E power cord from the G20 case so that Graphics Card Bracket sits properly on its place?


I first started by ordering a Green 600A HP Internal PSU which has by standard 600W power and 45 Ampers. One of the best things about this product was that the wires were so soft and could be bent easily without being damaged. So I simply plugged the 6+8 pins sockets and placed the out going power cord at the edge of the case which has a small hole.


As you can see it really nicely fits there. So now only remained one more thing which was making the PSU work Direct.
On that 20/24 pin socket there are 2 holes which behind one of them is a Green wire and the neighboring hole has a black wire. You need to use a U-bent Insulated small wire connecting these two so that you PSU work as soon as you press the power button behind it.


So doing that, you are set to go.

How it works?
Starting up: first power on the PSU and then power on the case.
Shutting down: shut down the case and 10 seconds after power off the PSU.

Results have been amazing in the past 4 days. I can run Firestrike test in a loop for as long as I want without facing any issues. I also added 10 extra percents to the power target which is now 110%, 250+ Core clock Offset and also 300+ Memory clock offset working very nice. Here are my firestrike results:

I also should thank @spartan_hoplite for sharing his ideas.

Hope you like this.

Level 14
Great idea if you have some spare PSUs kicking around. Or you need to test a PSU, GPU, motherboard in isolation. I've seen a lot of people hook a second PSU into their rigs to run cooling pumps, but never directly to a GPU.

I think a single mighty PSU would be somewhat more stable than a pair of lesser PSUs, though, probably better to not divide all the safeties across two discrete PSUs (unless they have linked logic controls) because they'd effectively combine all their tolerances in the worst way. At least it wouldn't constantly nuisance-trip your 15A breakers at peak loads, lol.
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Level 8
Yeah man, It`s rock`N roll. Its just what GTX980Ti on G20 needs. Now my GPU has enough Wattage and Amperage to handle any intense graphical situation.

Level 7
hah my system hasn't shut down with the Dell 330W PSU for a long time then again i don't game as heavily as you guys. I have switched to playing ESO on the system with the GTX 980Ti and runs fine. I don't max everything but i could and see what happens. 😛

Level 8
Yeah bud, I am crazy about maxing out games and the trick above paying off like crazy 🙂

Firestrike with my rig using a i7 4790 (non K version) results in 15500 for me which is brilliant. I can overclock the GTX980Ti easily.

you could have just brought the power brick for the price of a PSU

Level 8
Which power brick? something like that stupid dell 330w?

I tried many power bricks, none of them would give the satisfaction that this one did.

Level 10
What you need AC/DC power supply with 40A and 600W because 980Ti, very hard to find.
Even 1U PSU is hard to find in 500-600W something good. And people will ask more and more such devices.

Level 11
yeah that gtx 980ti takes 250watts, and I bet even the G20CB-B10 model will only come with a 230watts. its a good idea but a pain to keep switching off that extra PSU lol

Level 7
Can you link where you bought this? I'm still having underpowering issues with my Power Brick 330W Dell one.