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GTX980Ti Reference Overclocked - Make it even cooler than non-reference models

Level 8
Sup guys 😉

After I upgraded my Asus GTX 980 stock on my G20 to a Zotac GTX 980 Ti Reference, I, as recommended by professionals here, searched for 330W psu, could not get it so I moved on with the original 230W PSU that comes with G20. Well it actually is working flawlessly even though I overclocked my GPU!!!

Here I show you how I did that overclocking and also how I made it so cool, even cooler than those non-reference designs.

Regarding the overclock thing:

Thanks to the Techgage website I found a very good and stable overclocking config. I used the ASUS GPU TWEAK to customize my GPU and really didnt notice any significant differences between this one and others like afterburner and...
Measures are : GPU Clock Boots +210MHZ offset and Memory Clock +300MHZ offset.running at 100% power with no Voltage changes. I also suggest you set the Target FPS on 00 so it gets the best.
It truly works without a single issue with your own Stock 230W PSU as this PSU can draw much more than that.
Firestrike score for me was 13200 or so with the default settings. After OC`ing my GTX980Ti I got the score 15100 which is a very very good improvement if you ask me. FPS improved over 15 fps and I significantly notice some improvements.
But when I played some time like 15 20 mins, I noticed the temps are going high even I had to kick the fan speed so high over 90% to keep the temp at max 84C. I noticed that I had the issue when I removed the OC settings.Here I found a very simple solution....

Regarding the cooling trick:

You might say yeah we knew it or stuff but I though sharing it here.
You know what is the worst thing about G20? poor airflow. Its like all the parts inside this pack are being suffocated, deprived from fresh air. the solution? simply take off the right side cover and thats it. one screw at the bottom where the warranty seal is and one at the top where you should first take off the cover then you`ll get the screw on top. you can use this video

As I said before with or without Overclocking I had to maxout the fan spin to keep the temps lower than 84C. By removing that right side cover look what happened 🙂


Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition at ultra even I manually set 2 other options to ultra and Multisample Anti Aliasing to 4xMSAA running the game at 60 fps without a single drop with maximum of 70C 🙂 isnt that sweet? I had it 84 now its hardly touching 70C.

This dragon age game was the toughest I came across in terms of heating my GPU and as you could see now I have about 15C improvements and dont forget ... this is an Overclocked reference gtx980Ti.

About the fan setting, this is a view of my User Defined fan setting which I havent touched it since I uncovered my G20 but I can now reduce it much but even now it doesnt bother meat all, you just hear a breeze 🙂


about 2 minutes after I exit the game look where the temp is 🙂 30 C and while I was writing this post it came down as low as 27.

My point is, Asus Strix GTX980Ti claims to have the stable 72C temp during stressed gaming condition, other custom designs claiming as such. This reference GTX980Ti which is blamed all over gaming websites of having high temps now as I shown you above with Overclocked settings can do 70C, isnt uncovering your G20 woth it??!! I believe it is.

My G20 now looks like this, lying on a box which actually is my Zotac GPU box and breathing 🙂


You might say "I bought this for its killer face" but my advice, in the end its all about what you see on your display and what less noise you hear from your rig.

I am much much happier now and dominating all games at ultra by my Zotac Reference GTX980 Ti Overclocked with maximum of 70C and no GPU fan sound irritation.

Learned a lot here so though it would be a good thing to share 🙂

Keep calm and game on fellas 🙂 G20 Rocks

Level 13
great post well done

Do you think this motherboard can support 32g ram?

Level 7
Good job, but arent you having any issues with the 100% power draw with only a 230w power supply? I dished out for the Dell 350w (or whatever we were all crazy about a couple months ago) and I still have issues with a select few games (Unity is UNPLAYABLE, shuts down my GPU and the power supply, requiring me to unplug the power supply from the wall, then turn computer manually back on after)

Level 8
Hey edmak1804 Sup bro 🙂

No issues at all. In the morning I played Dragon Age Inquisition fully ultra fixed at 60FPS smooth and nice for about 2 hrs. Maximum Temp was 71 C and never even noticed a single FPS drop. This D-Age game gets really intensive whenever you get into a huge dirty fight specially when there is a Fade Rift included and that Greenish color appears, But it works perfect for me. Also Far Cry 4 fully ultra 0 issues. I definitely suggest all of you get a 330w PSU with as much Amps as it can have but when its not reachable that 230W Asus stock PSU works fine.

Never had any issues like that you stated above.

I just can say cooling down your G20 by 15 degrees really matters. I didnt recognize my G20 performance after I did that trick to cool it down, really improves it specially if you OC the GPU.

Level 8
Not just Motherboard, you also need to see how much ram does the CPU accepts, which buss MHZ?

I guess G20 ram can not go higher than 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ. thats what I have on my G20.

Level 8
You are living in a pipe dream. I have two Clevo 330w bricks with the converter box to power my GTX 980 ti properly on my Asus G20 so it doesn't crash. Dragon Age might not crash it but almost any demanding game would. Here is my link for the proper upgrade for the 980 ti.

steele_22 wrote:
You are living in a pipe dream. I have two Clevo 330w bricks with the converter box to power my GTX 980 ti properly on my Asus G20 so it doesn't crash. Dragon Age might not crash it but almost any demanding game would. Here is my link for the proper upgrade for the 980 ti.

Sup buddy, good to see you back after a while.

No dreams actually. I just saw your post and noticed your firestrike score is 15245, guess what? 🙂 with my above config firestrike score is 15099 over here :). I have had absolutely 0 crash in the past 3 weeks and played at least 2 to max of 4 hrs each time I fired up my rig. I truly max out GTA 5, only Anti-aliasing on 4x !! everything else fully maxed out. With a BenQ monitor at 100 Hertz refresh rate, I play GTA 5 now with the fps between 75 to 100. 100 FPS usually happens whenever I`m near beaches or swimming. Roaming in Los Santos goes by 75 FPS, sometimes drops to 60 fps and we already know why that happens. I also maxed out Far Cry 4, My Rig swallowed the game 🙂 sadly my network upload speed is at funny 60 kilobytes (embarrassed to even mention it) so I can not record an upload the video to prove my word so you just have to take my word for it lol.

Another thing which really hurts is me not being able to order that 330W PSU from amazon, let alone pairing two PSU`s lol.

What you have done with those two power bricks only gives you around 140 points more than what I got. You also happen to have a 4790K cpu while mine is the stock 4790.

But try what I offered to cool down your G20, Your Firestrike Score might even go higher than that. Ram, CPU, GPU .. everything works insanely, amazingly better.

Last night I played dragon age inquisition for 2 hrs (maxed out of course), had dirty fights in Hinterlands with huge graphic works, 10 seconds after I jumped into GTA 5 played a while, max heat was 71 C. Remember I overclocked the GPU with GPU Clock Boots +210MHZ offset and Memory Clock +300MHZ offset.

The fact that I run firestrike along with all other games crash free means config is right and proper. But you are right about using at least a 330W psu. Dying to have my hands on it.

wow this is amazing, a100! Thanks for linking me!! I am set to buy a ASUS ROG g20 and slap a GTX 970 in there. (The reason why I can't go with a 980Ti is because of money) 😛

Do you think I would be able to have the system closed with the side-panel on at all times while running it with my GTX 970 Reference?

Level 8
Of course, me doing that is just because I want to maximize the outcome of this rig without shortening the life span of the parts due to high temp.

I OC`ed the GPU which causes heat, G20 has low air flow so opening that is necessary if you want to do heat-causing procedures.

I am positive that for the next two years my G20 with the config I made on it can handle almost all games on very high and ultra settings.

Never forget that GTX 970 is one of the competent Graphics Cards.