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GR6 - BSOD on WIn10 (NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE - hal.dll)

Level 7
Hello Guys,

Im having a problem with my GR6, as it crashes constantly with NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE.
It does crash only on first run after a peroid of being shut off and after it automatically restarts its OK. The crash appears few minutes from start.

As for now I have my CPU undervolted by 99.6mV (ThrottleStop CPU core + CPU cache) with balanced power plan, which was tested with:
* Intel Burn Test (32 passes with max memory mode)
* Prime95 (18h+ smallFFTs)
* Furmark (1h for integrated GPU + 1h for GTX 960m)
As for now I didnt do the Memtest86+, but Im planning to do it now.
Temps are okay, the fan was cleaned by me and i replaced the thermal paste (Revoltec Diamond).
Also, the problem was present even before undervolting and persists after applying default settings.

Ive attached report of BSOD generated by BlueScreenView.

Thank You for help.