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GPU not connected to computer and armory crate not changing GPU mode properly

Level 7

I bought my Asus ROG 2024 1 month ago, and it was working fine until today. I realized the application I was using couldn't recognize the GPU (GeForce RTX 4060). When I checked device manager, and enabled 'Show hidden devices', I got the following error for the GPU: Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45).

I searched and found that this can happen if the 'Eco-Mode' is running in armoury crate. I was getting continuous notifications from Armoury crate with the message that my machine is now is Eco-Mode, so I figured that I could switch back to Standard and it would work. When I went to the GPU Mode tile in Armory crate, it would simply not switch to Standard. I got the message 'Your machine needs to be restarted for the changes to take place' but even after I clicked okay, nothing was happening.

I tried uninstalling Armoury crate with the tool and reinstalling it, but there is no change. After reinstalling 2 times, it finally switched to Standard, but the GPU is still not being identified. I'm also not able to see the GPU Mode option in Devices, just the tile in the Dashboard, and the settings button on the tile isn't even working.

Has anyone ever faced this issue?