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GL10CS audio from headphone jack suddenly offset and sounding weird

Level 8
My headphones suddenly sounds really weird from the headphone jack in front of the computer. The sound is slightly offset to the right and the sound quality is a lot worse. I've tried a few different headphones and they all have the same problem.

This sometimes happened before as well when I switched between the build in speakers in my screen (ROG PG279Q) and my headphones (Realtek(R) Audio), but it was resolved by restarting the computer.

Now nothing works. I've tried reinstalling the chipset and realtek drivers from Asus website and still no go. I've tried different sets of headphones/headsets and they all have the same problem.

If I go into "Realtek Audio Console" and choose "Quadraphonic" instead of "Stereo" , the sound is better and centered, but I can't hear anything that happens "behind me" when playing games in this mode. So this solution doesn't work either.

What can I try?

Level 8
Ok, so I found a "solution" that temporarily fixes the issue. You go to your sound settings via the control panel, go to the "Recording tab", right click "Stereo mix" and click properties. Go to advanced. Click and then unclick the boxes under "Exclusive mode" and click Apply. This will fix the problem until next reebot