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GA35DX Noise Level / Loud

Level 7
I bought a GA35DX (Ryzen 9 3900X) a few weeks ago. It runs well and I don't have any issues with it except the fan noise.

Even idling on the windows desktop doing nothing the fan noise is loud enough to be annoying. During gaming even with closed headphones on the noise is distracting and just plain loud. I haven't measured yet but I assume it's way over the 35db (loud whisper) that I found specified.

I've tried a few things already to try to fix it:

  • Updated BIOS to latest version 3.04
  • Ran the BIOS fan calibration which dropped the noise / fan speeds on idle down a bit
  • Fan settings on Armory Crate don't seem to do anything

Temperatures reported in Armory Crate seem fine (55°C during load for CPU) but CPU fan speed is always reported at 8800 RPM. I assume this is incorrectly reported by Armory Crate? My previous AIO CPU coolers were never that high.

Doing a bit of googling I've found people saying that this system is very quiet but I also found various reports about this system being loud.
But I didn't find any solutions.

Anyone has any experience with this? Anything I could try to solve the noise issue? Thanks.

Level 7
For me, when the Nvidia control panel doesn't load properly, the fan is out of control and speeds up for no apparent reason. I had to uninstall and reinstall Nvidia driver a few times and made sure that the control panel loads on startup everytime. With the control panel loaded, the fan seems to work to expectation.

Mine isn’t loud, but isn’t quiet. I currently am using windows power management on my pc because after having issues with Armoury crate, I called asus support and they told me to restore my pc... after that, I lost all Â*fan/ power control of my Armoury crate..annoying as hell. Â*Hey OP, any possible way you can tell me what the factory Bios setting are on your ga35dx? DM if possible, trying to figure out my issue.Â*