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GA35 - To Fan or Not To Fan

Level 7
Can someone tell me if all GA35's had a fan in the front? I purchased the below and there seems to be only an exhaust fan which is kind of surprising. I purchased another G35 with almost the same specs (3080 vs 3080ti) and noticed it had a fan in the front. It is extremely odd that one would have one and the other would not.

Has anyone added a fan in the front if theirs did not have one? It looks like there is room.;_AMD_Ryzen_7...

Level 7
I bought a G35 from Microcenter's Mayfield Heights location with a RTX 3070 Ti GPU. Looking to replace the rear exhaust fan with a Noctua 80mm fan.;_AMD_ Ryzen_7_5800X_38GHz_Processor;_NVIDIA_GeForce_RTX_ 3070_Ti_8GB_GDDR6X;_32GB_DDR4-3200_RAM;_1TB_SSD1TB

The tech said it's possible to mount a fan on the inside front. I found a video on youtube of a G35 with a RTX 2080ti and it appears to have a fan on the front:


Thanks for the reply on this one. This looks like a viable option.