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GA35: Is it ok 68° in peace on PCH Diode?

Level 7

I have ASUS ROG Strix GA35 G35DX-RU023T* (90PD02W1-M12560) Full-Tower, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 32 Gb RAM, 2 Tb SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, Win10.

I want to ask about temperature on PCH Diode. Is it ok to have around 68° C in peace (without any load, just working Win10)? All fans in case works.

Level 14
Yeah, the X570 chipset runs fairly hot. Mid to high 60s isn't unusual.

Can it affect computer longevity? My computer works 24/7 though without load (just Windows). Rare game sessions. I heard electronics don't like high temperatures.

Level 14
X570 has only been around for roughly 3 years, so it's too soon to know how well it actually lasts over time. That temperature is within normal bounds and well below maximum, so you'll just have to trust that AMD designed the silicon properly. All the PCIe 4.0 and later chipsets run fairly hot.

If it's an original X570, check the chipset fan is running normally and not full of dust. If it's a second generation X570S (which tends to just be called X570), there is no chipset fan, it's cooled passively by case airflow.

Edit: Also, installing the latest X570 drivers doesn't hurt, ensuring you've got the latest fixes from AMD for the chipset (which can help both performance and temperature).

Thank you for information. Hope AMD designed the silicon properly, truly.

My chipset fan is running, but there is some dust on it. I will purge it with compressed air. How often this procedure must be applied?

Do I understand correctly that chipset's driver is updated with Windows Update system? I have the latest updates of Win10. And the latest BIOS version (315).Is it need to download the driver directly from AMD? Could there be mismatches with automatic updates in the future?

And how I can find current chipset driver version? Can it be found in AIDA64, CPU-Z, HWiNFO64? Where?

Level 14
Ideally check dust levels monthly. Clean as needed, probably every 3 to 6 months, but it really depends on your environment. A little dust is ok; just don't let intakes, filters, fans, heatsinks, radiators, etc build up enough that it's likely to be impeding cooling. Don't spin fans excessively when using compressed air, as that can damage them.

No, Windows Update doesn't seem to do the AMD drivers, at least for me. You can check the installed version at Settings > Apps > Installed apps.