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G35DX SSD firmware critical bug

Level 7
I'm so happy with my brand new ASUS G35DX Gaming PC, however I'm anxiously watching the news about Samsung 980 Pro SSD drives that an immediate firmwire update is recommended, otherwise the drive suffers irreversible damage and become read-only. The problem is that the built-in SSD drive in my ASUS computer is an OEM 980 Pro edition (PM9A1), so it is not compatible with Samsung's firmware updater.

Am I need to updating the firmware at all? My current versions are the following: Firmware: GXA7301Q, Serial Number: S676NF0R

As far as I know, other manufacturers (like Dell or Lenovo) who also use this drive in their brand computers are releasing a custom update. Is ASUS planning to release its own firmware for the SSDs in their machines, or can it provide a download location from which to get it? According to the news, every day, every hour, every minute counts! So far, I have only found forum posts from the Far East (like this: ), from which it would be risky to download a firmware update. Thanks for your help in advance!

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Level 7
I have the same question (the same computer GA35DX).
I asked Asus technical service support year ago about updating firmware of SSD PM9A1. And got answer something like (machine translation):
Unfortunately, we do not have firmware for these SSDs, they are somehow provided by the manufacturer, but no updates from Samsung were transmitted to us for these drives specifically. If an update is provided, we will post it on the downloads page for this PC on the ASUS website.

Now I don't see any firmware for SSD on site page of our PC.