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G35dx ga-35dx dhr780: Aio led water cooler

Level 7
The LED of the factory installed Asus AIO water cooler is not functioning. I see it light up briefly when the PC shuts down. But not light up when the PC is running. I took the same PC model and saw the water cooler light up. However, when I installed the latest version of Armoury Crate on that PC the LED lights also stopped functioning.

Which leads me to believe the software control is the culprit.

Wondering how I can revive the LED lights of the AIO water cooler. I traced the wires and it seemed fine.



Level 8
Yeah, have the same problem if you install AI Suits then the cooler will light up blue but nothing more. the connectors are ok..

ChrisL1971 wrote:
Yeah, have the same problem if you install AI Suits then the cooler will light up blue but nothing more. the connectors are ok..

Thanks for confirmation. Knowing we are having the same issue, it definitely appears to be a software glitch as I did notice the cooler lit up when first unboxed, but after a software update it stopped.

Okay, so I went back to the photos I took yesterday and couldn't help notice that the Asus AIO cooler has 2 sets of 3-pin wiring. There is no 4th pin wiring on the cooler itself as per the photo here (once more):


So one of those 3-pins is wired to the AIO PUMP port. While the other 3-pin is wired by extension to a 4-pin port labelled COOLER LED by the front panel as seen here (once more):


And here's the 3-pin wiring terminating from the AIO cooler before it connectes to the supposed 4-pin RGB extension cable:


How can that be the case? So what if the supplied Asus AIO cooler is actually an ARGB and not an RGB wiring? Which means Asus themselves practically fudged the installation and probably the electronics of the LED in the cooler itself. As RGB are 12V and ARGB are 5V.

Since at this point it's probably a goner with the over voltage they have done, there's no harm re-routing the 3-pin wiring from the AIO cooler to an ARGB port in the motherboard itself. Which I did seen here:


The results? Viola!


The catch? The AIO cooler lights up on PC boot up and boot down. Then it fades back to no lights.

I removed the Armoury Crate, reboot. Same behaviour. Re-installed Armoury Crate, same behaviour. LEDs light up on power up and power down, but none while in use.


While I did not completely solve the lighting issue for the cooler, I'm led (pun intended) to believe these shouldn't be wired to the 4-pin RGB port but to the 3-pin ARGB port. And this probably messed up how the BIOS is reading into the cooler?

I still believe it's a software glitch that won't be corrected by Asus at this point since it's an EOL unit with the arrival of new chipsets.

Thoughts? Perhaps removing Armoury Crate and just using Aura will bring better results? I'll try again tomorrow as its actually my son's PC which I bought to replace his aged G20CB.


If you install AI Suit then the blue light will continue during useage but it will not change color. Others indicated that they where able to change the color as well. I was not.

Just to bring closure to this thread, it was BIOS 314 that broke the AIO cooler LED lighting. Updating to BIOS 315 released today, Sep 16, brought life back to the LED lights.

I already wired it back to the original COOLER LED port. Asus didn't mess up the installation. It was the previous BIOS that broke it.