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G20CB power settings to make use of both power ports.

Level 8

I am looking for forum knowledge, there seems to be a bit of variation in G20CB motherboards.

some have a extra jumper to setup duel power supplies some don’t.
mine is this one, and it was in this configuration, with all the jumpers down. And no extra jumper to activate both power supplies as some do.

when it was like that I could not detect any power draw from the 180w power supply, so I moved JDC01 into it’s up position, that did let the 180w power supply get warm, so at a guess some power draw is coming from it now.

but I don’t like messing with jumpers when I have no idea what they control.

does anyone actually know what each on does?

it seems logical that they move demand from one supply to the other but if anyone has info to shine a light on what each one does then please share.

failing that, jumper positions they have tried and seem to be safe and shared the power supply out, on my type of board or the other types.

if not pictures then please say if yours has the extra jumper or not, when you suggest a setup for the jumpers.