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G20CB m.2 upgrade?

Level 7
I've been poking around regarding installing a m.2 nvme ssd into my G20CB. These past posts claim that the computer will only support up to a 250GB m.2 drive, but does not state the reason.

Has anyone gotten a 512GB m.2 nvme to work on this computer? Or can you confirm that indeed 250 GB is the limit? I've never heard of an m.2 slot having an explicit storage limitation.

Level 7
My friend tried, he said there is a way but its non-conventional. Il ask him about it and let you know ASAP!

Sameerplchandra wrote:
My friend tried, he said there is a way but its non-conventional. Il ask him about it and let you know ASAP!

Hey were you able to find out about his unconventional method?

Reviving this thread. Is disabling the SATA controller necessary to install a NVME drive larger than 250 mb? Anyone figure out what the exact issue is?

I myself have a m.2 250 SSD in a Asus ROG G20CB-NL016T and planning to upgrade this to Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 500GB.
Then pass allong the 250 SSD to my Asus ROG G20CB-NL015T.

When succesfull i will post it here.

Don't know if anyone is still interested but I installed a Samsung EVO Plus 500GB NVMe M.2 . I did some research here and there so I just disabled all SATAs and had zero issues being recognized when performing a clean Windows 11 install (Rufus patched ISO, downloaded directly from MS, via USB flash drive boot). I have a G20CB so my only issue is that the M.2 ran a bit warm at 70 degrees due to it's limited airflow design. I came up with an "Out of Box" ventilation cooling solution that has now brought down temps to average of 47 degrees, stable and quiet. I am considering trying a 1TB of the same to see if it will take (read at . I have latest BIOS installed. I then added a 4TB SATA by Crucial, upgraded RAM to Samsung 16GB x 2 for a total of 32GB and just ordered a new Mini PCI-E WiFi 6 + BlueTooth 5.0 combo card! Running real smooth and quick!

Level 7
Any luck? Why is it unconventional?

Level 11
I always told people to stick below the 500gb ssd size, I know that a 128gb would be 100% and descent enough for a boot up drive

Level 9
Tried the 500, no luck, 256 runs perfectly

Level 7
Was this recently with the most recent bios too?