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G20CB I7-6700 No JCD11 to run GTX1060 ?

Level 7
Hi All,

i am newbie here and just bought 2nd had Asus G20CB - i7-6700, 16gb Ram, GTX950m and only one 230w power brick and there is the problem... i know how to upgrade the GPU, actually going to buy GTX1060 6GB by MANLIN??? ( never heard of them, but comes with warranty and receipt ) so i've seen all the videos, and guidance how to upgrade, but everything was on 4th gen Intel and cant find how to set up the jumpers on Skylake version WITHOUT JCD11.. i cant find it.. all i have is JCD01-05, all of them are on bottom line but no sings of JCD11... so the question is, do i need JCD11 and another 180w power brick to run GTX1060 or am i ok? thank you all very much for your input..

Level 7
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What was the answer for this?
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