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G20CB (AJ and CI maybe too) dual 2.5 HD upgrade.

Level 7
So I was looking into a 3.5 to 2.5 bracket to replace the standard Toshiba stock drive with a smaller more efficient 2.5 ssd and found this dual 2.5 adapter bracket.

What do you folks think of the viability of this in our small form factor machines? I notice there seems to be an unused sata connector in the middle of the board. Has anyone tried connecting to it? Do you guys think this might be a decent work around to having 2 drives without having to disassemble most of the machine getting to the 2.5 slot above the disc drive?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Level 11
hello and welcome to forums, their are only 3 sata ports on any of the motherboards, weather its a AJ/CB/BM/CI. the middle port your talking about is for the ssd install above the dvd drive, the other sata port is for the dvd drive. and the sata port by the graphics power port is for the 1TB mech hdd. so unless you can spilt the sata data port to allow more then 1 ssd on 1 sata data port then that would be a better path. otherwise you can install up to 3 ssd in the system using all 3 sata ports.

I haven't tried popping this thing open yet... Do you think that secondary port for the drive cage above the dvd will reach to the 3.5 drive cage?