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G20bc power on issue

Level 7
I have a rog g20bc desktop that i have had for about 2 years or so.a few days ago i was useing it and the screen flickered and the pc powered off.i cannot turn it on. I removed the graphics card and tried to power it on as suggested in other posts. Is it a good chance my power cords where fried? Any suggestions on what to look for?thanks a bunch

Level 7
Did you ever fix this?

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I came home after work to find my G20BC completely dead. I re-seated all power cables, unplugged from power supply, tried a different outlet, tried one power brick at a time, in essence everything I could think of. I called tech support and they suggested that the power supply was bad (hard to believe that both went bad at the same time plugged into a surge protector/battery back up that still works) or that I needed to do a hard reset (which I tried and no luck). I also read on a different post that one of the power supply's should be able to power the tower, but to no avail. I am wondering if it is a mother board issue, but had no symptoms leading up to this. Just dead. Now Asus want me to send the unit in at a minimum cost of $757 to investigate the problem and let me know what the problem is and then fix it. I hate to spend that money, then be told it's another 200-300 more. I am just wondering if anyone else has ideas or suggestions on what to try before I make a $$$ decision.