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G20AJ Upgraded (RTX 2070 Super Evo)

Level 9

Just wanted to share with saying that it's still possible to update your G20AJ with newer graphics card, such as a RTX card.

Today i changed my GTX 1080 to RTX 2070 Super, with no problems and still running with default power supply. (230+180w)
Just remember this card needs 6 + 8 pins

Feel free to ask questions

More pictures here:


Level 7

Greetings! I also have an asus g20aj and the first bundle was cheap, with a short gtx 750 video card. Now I changed it to GTX1070 turbine. (By the way, I ordered 6 + 8 cables, they weren’t custom either) And I need a plastic corner of the clip that keeps the video card in the metal bracket from sagging. Help me please! - take a picture of it in different planes with the attached ruler (with dimensions). So that I can order her 3D model and print it. Perhaps someone has already done this and such a 3d model already exists? I would be glad for any help ... I have been trying to solve this problem for a long time ...