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G20aj i5-4460 withGTX-750 to an AMD RX480 gpu upgrade

Level 7

Hi Guys i recently upgraded my gpu from the GTX-750 to the AMD RX480, i bought the other power supply for the  pc as i only had one. I made sure that  they were the correct wattage and aslo changed the 5 jumpers up, and the other jump JDC11 to the left. But when I try to run graphic intensive programs like twinmotion or unreal, it shuts down and doesn't want to turn on unless I unplug both power supplies as well as from the outlet. I think it could be the secondary powers upply thats faulty or the motherboard still isnt directing the second power supply to power the gpu, Any advice? I rechecked the jumper settings to make sure, but at this point any advice would be appreciated.