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G20AJ, Help, no more output video signal

Level 7
Hello everyone,
i'm having no video output signal since this morning with my ROG G20 / Win10 64 bits / i-4790 / 16Go / GTX 1080 (before GTX 980)

I had to plug my hdmi cable on mobo output to get the video, and I got "error code 12, not enough ressources..." when checked the GPU on device manager.
So I desactivated it, unnistalled NVIDIA drivers.... and I rebooted the PC, check in BIOS PCI-E settings in case of, and now I neither have a signal video when pluged on HDMI output of Mobo or GPU.
When I remove the GPU of the case, I can get my output signal, but when I plug it back in the PCI-E port, no signal on both mobo and GPU hdmi output.
I also tried with my previous GTX 980, same issue.
I tough of PSU issue, but I can see the GPU is alimented by the 230w brick, Fan and GTX logo green light are working.

I'm out of option, can't say what is the issue. Because I had no problems and everything was working well before.

What could it be ?
Should I bought a new PSU for the GPU
I have 2 external PSU brick, 180w+230w.

Thx for the help.

Level 7
just an update,
Today I was just using my G20 just with integrated graphics and decide to try one more time to plug my GPU.

Pluged the GPU, pluged the power cable to the wall and after to the PC.
Output HDMI on the mobo to the monitor.
Boot, and as expected no signal.
Then, I decided to change and plug it to the hdmi output of the GPU, and video was back !!

But when I tried to log in on windows, screen freezed..... but could hear my hdd booting.

Did you set the jumper caps correctly? I understand your settings worked before with your 980, but just to make sure.

Jumpers should look like this

Thanks for your reply and advice, but I already checked that.
But finally, dont know why, after not using my PC for 2 weeks, when I plugged everything back, it worked. Can't explain why.