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G20AJ fans running up during shut down

Level 8
I have had my G20AJ for a few months and I've noticed something. When I shut down, it looks like Windows shuts down and the screen loses signal, but all the lights on the computer case are still on for another 20 seconds or so. Then suddenly all the fans run up to full speed for another 20 seconds before it finally shuts down and turns the lights off. I think the time it takes to do this cycle and shut down has been getting longer as well though that might just be me being paranoid. No other issues. Is this normal or a symptom of something else?


Level 7
Ditto, I have had mine for a couple of weeks and it does the same..

Level 9
Do the same here, both at start up and shut down, but not so long as 20 sec, more like 5-6 sec.

mortenstj wrote:
Do the same here, both at start up and shut down, but not so long as 20 sec, more like 5-6 sec.

Yeah, that's how it started for me and just got longer over time.

But mine doesn't do it at start-up, starting is almost instant. It's just at shut-down it lingers and runs the fans.

Level 8
For me shutting down takes 5 seconds or so after I issue the shutdown.

Fans run up for 2 secs and system turns off.

So, strange thing. I upgraded to Windows 10 (was 8.1) and now my shut down is instant with no fan run at all.

Also, something else changed. Before, my keyboard and mouse lights would stay on even with the PC off. Now they turn off as well. Does Windows 10 have completely different power management that would cause this?

Level 14
I don't know about the Asus G20 specifically, but the firmware in many computing platforms will keep fans spinning at shutdown until temps are brought below a certain threshold. I'm thinking it was a deliberate design choice because the G20 chassis has such confined and controlled airflow and Asus overengineered the cooling system from scratch.

But yeah, it could be Windows Shutdown sloppiness lol.
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