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G20AJ BIOS 0802 not downloadable? What's the deal with it?

Level 7

I have two G20AJ systems purchased a while back (and with more then a year between them)

One came with the original bios (06xx) and was upgraded by me to 0703 when I installed Windows 10. The other (purchased much later from a company that was dismantled) came with Win 10 already installed and has BIOS 0802 which is not available for download on the support page.

Now, the system with 0703 works perfectly fine except for the fact that the BIOS hangs at boot for about 2 minutes if a wifi dongle from a Steelseries controller is inserted. The system with 0802 doesn't have this problem. Since both are used for e-sports with Steelseries controllers it would be useful for me if I could put BIOS 0802 on the first system as well.

The thing is I have no clue what's the deal with this 0802 BIOS? Is it a beta one that was removed from the website due to compatibility issues? Was it shipped with systems with certain hardware components? (wifi/bluetooth card maybe?)

Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks in advance for your help.

Level 7
Any updates on this persons inquiry? I would also like to know if there was a BIOS update after the 0703, thanks.

Edit: I've been googling a bit and cant find any mention of this bios for the G20AJ, so maybe the other system you have has another mobo ? only 0802 BIOS i found was for another ASUS model : and and for the Z390-E .

Level 8
0703 here.