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G20: Win8.1 - Steam and Battlenet problems

Level 7
So after installing a new SSD and then a day+ trying to get Win8.1 moved to the new drive, I can finally boot from the SSD.

The problem I'm facing now is with Steam and Battlenet - it should be noted that I also had these problems with the 'out of the box' G20.

Battlenet - the icon appears in the taskbar, but when I right-click on it, the menu UI partially appears although there are no options. Shortly afterwards, Windows reports that the application has stopped working.

Steam - after launching Steam, the "connecting account" UI shows, but it just sits there and I end up having to go into the task manager to 'end task'. Steam did fully load once, but it literally sat for 5min before fully loading. I was able to run a game from Steam, which again took a very long time to load - it was running in the task manager, but there was no window until it completed loading. Initially I thought it had stopped working, but it eventually loaded and was playable.

I suspect there is a setting in Win8.1 that I need to change, that allows these programs to launch correctly/quickly, but I can't figure out what it is 😕

I have a laptop which runs Win8.1 and have never seen these problems (and I never had to setup anything to allow Battlenet/Steam to load).

Any ideas as to what may be going on?