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G16ch blue screens

Level 7

Hey everyone ,

I bought a pre built three months ago. First thing I did was upgrade the ram to Corsair vengeance. Set xmp. Everything was fine. 

I tried to upgrade my gpu to a 4070ti. It didn’t even fit inside so I didn’t bother. Sent it back. 

everything was ok. Then. My computer turned off randomly. 

started up. Got into desktop. And blue screen. Now it just cycles and can’t boot. 

so I was like did the ssd die ? It would not even show it in bios under drives but does in the Home Screen of bios. When I tried to relaunch windows. It would not show my drive. 

to check ordered another from Amazon. Popped it in. Would not show til I changed from raid to ahci. Ok it shows it now. Tried to reinstall windows. And got to 100% pre install rebooted. Failed. 

im not sure what’s wrong with it. I assume asus being asus would take months to do an rma. Would want the entire unit and might even just blame the ram I put in there or the fact things were slightly moved when I tried to put in a 4070. It seems specifically like the m2 module may be faulty. I’m not sure if anyone has any ideas ?  I ordered a new board and case and am thinking of just moving it all over to a new case with better airflow. Take the loss on the case and motherboard and be rid of Asus hell.