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G10CE BSOD x 70 , Windows 11 'update'

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Yeah I don't get it, I think it's good to keep drivers up to date and in windows 11 , poof there goes my system. Just crashed on me again about 8 minutes ago.
Go to optional updates and inhale it if you have a ROG system from the last year, makes me angry - system worked perfectly till then. I bet if I install Linux I'll never crash. Maybe I'll do that.
Should that be required of your average gaming PC user though?
Reminds me of Theo De Raadt saying no to the FBI's request to install backdoors in his Open BSD ->
Sincerely - Your customer,

I even tried skimming through the crash logs with event viewer -> very uninformative vs my linux experiences when i screwed up, I could cat /var/log/crash/whateveile* and eventually find the reason why, this thing just crashes - would you like that? like i said possibly FBI backdoors. I had network thrashing before, why the /swapfile exists , should tell them to back off , if they're the silent 'mom' reason. i'm getting angry

if my computer's going to become a political game for the FBI who rapes my rights with their patriot act, for instance, why don't i use my neighbours kids name and use a playstation instead...
much cheaper ! still have 6 months left on this warranty.

I might try rolling back the bios and if this doesn't help, I might try reinstalling windows as the BSOD seems to be software related.

When you update the bios through windows (I've tried this method), to roll back the bios, you will likely have to delete some files.

I would only recommend updating the bios through windows if you don't have a usb flash drive and you don't plan on rolling back.

Please list your complete pc specifications or you can edit your specs. At the top right of the forum page click the grey head, click inbox, on the left under My Settings click Edit Profile.

If you need further assistance on rolling back the bios just say so and I will help you.

yea, i just put G10CE-AS.314 on a formatted to fat32 usb stick and flashed it with the utility. we'll see - im' pretty damn sure the hardware's fine though, no idea what to try otherwise - this rog pc didn't even come with a dvd drive, i'll see if i can find a good size unix diagnostic tool otherwise. really makes me angry, people get paid thousands of dollars a week to fix what i'm doing now and i didn't have this problem for 9 years with my alienware.
trying though, is a nice pc when it works.

is an ROG strix G10CE , no custom hardware except my coolermaster mouse - i5 400f , rtx 3060 (12 gb version) , 16 gb ram and the 512 gb ssd + motherboard etc. i tried stress testing all the hardware and it passes. guessing it's the bios update that demolished my pc - any way to reset it totally to factory, just in case - before i drive 100 miles to best buy to get them to send it to you to get it repaired?

and another thing is, the optional windows update wasn't advertised as a 'bios update' , it was asus firmware update - so i was thinking motherboard optimization for windows 11 or something, intel tweaks etc, just smashed itself in there. try and run a bios update from within windows on an exe file and you get nothing when you restart - flash drive = got some steps to go through. except the windows update was able to act like the flash drive and get you to enter bios setup after restart etc, amazing. if this bios doesn't work i'll roll back to the previous version, wish i would have known that before i -did- reset the system. why i wonder about the factory reset, so i can see if it's a lazy wire somewhere on the motherboard or software, which i'm almost 100% sure it is.

will try the things you mentioned, got the rolling back the bios part figured out, 308 was default - will go back there if it persists. if all is peachy i'll let you know in a couple days, thanks for the interest, i imagine you got other people with problems out there too as a result of it. otherwise i have no idea, gonna have to use that warranty.

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lambchops1 wrote:
- any way to reset it totally to factory, just in case - before i drive 100 miles to best buy to get them to send it to you to get it repaired?

Our current gaming desktops and gaming notebooks should have an ASUS factory recovery partition that you can access as in the FAQ below. Don't forget to back-up anything important before you erase everything.

yeah, I backed up to g10ce.309 and have to continually back up to that bios version manually every time windows updates anything at all - afraid to shut my computer off less it forces it down my throat again.
computer has been working fine with the 309 version though - i'll wait for windows to crash perpetually with 314 running again, before i roll back once more. since it works, i don't know that i'll need a factory reset, but i will look up the recovery partition link, thanks.