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G10CE BSOD x 70 , Windows 11 'update'

Level 7
Yeah I don't get it, I think it's good to keep drivers up to date and in windows 11 , poof there goes my system. Just crashed on me again about 8 minutes ago.
Go to optional updates and inhale it if you have a ROG system from the last year, makes me angry - system worked perfectly till then. I bet if I install Linux I'll never crash. Maybe I'll do that.
Should that be required of your average gaming PC user though?
Reminds me of Theo De Raadt saying no to the FBI's request to install backdoors in his Open BSD ->
Sincerely - Your customer,

Level 7
You guys should tell the FBI to screw off, these computers are your lifeline, and I'm probably a much better hacker than you. But you got the job. I was the 2nd last GNU hurd filesystem programmer and I quit about 2012. AMEN. That matter to my playing video games?
I don't pay you 3000 dollars for trash, which is what this is. This should be a good quality machine - and it's not, amazing.

that's so nice, not all of nirvana left mr . grohl -> Foo Fighters ft. Shane Hawkins Perform "My Hero" | MTV
awesome kid, hope he does well

You should compensate me for reflashing my BIOS 18 times and resetting mystem. BSOD. Oh nice, looks like i'm in vain - aint it nice how that happens just after a Windows 11 update to the ASUS BIOS ? amazing...
Give me my 3000 bucks back and i'll build my own PC from newegg after hatching this one back at best buy. Think you're something special... my coolermaster mouse beat the hell out of the best FPS gamers on earth many times over. Much cheaper !
Thought i'd give you guys a try, this will be the end though, if you cannot explain why, after, a windows bios update i get BSOD's all the time.

check it out, me vs shindeon - he's in all kinds of games, i think he's the quake champion. was dealing with hecklers earlier, pardon the disrespect 🙂 Unreal Tournament | 1v1 PRO Blood Duster vs ShinDeon (3-2 Intense game)
i'm blood duster (called ro0kie too, but without the cheats they use now), scared little boy getting me-handled , haha. i love competitive fps's, guess they're not inclusive enough anymore.
played with King Kyle from fortnite alot too, he's always on the top 10.
I just don't like fortnite, I hate quake though - Hunt- Showdown my game now

Hi lambchops1,

Sorry to hear you're having issues after a windows bios update.

Are you able to roll back to a previous bios version?

Nate152 wrote:
Hi lambchops1,

Sorry to hear you're having issues after a windows bios update.

Are you able to roll back to a previous bios version?

I tried everything besides putting a usb stick to fat 32 and manually installing a new BIOS - just get blue screens out of nowhere. nothing wrong with the hardware at all, that i can see or test - makes me angry.
might try formatting a fat 32 floppy and using your ez flash thing again though. if that doesn't work, i don't know what to try, honestly. nothing wrong with the hardware.

looks like you're on a ROG system too, mine has a 3060 video card and stuff - try looking at advanced options in windows update then installing their bios update. before then = fine, everything's good. shouldn't allow them to update your hardware drivers if they're going to break them.

I did try undoing things though, like the memory left the system there when it comes to the BIOS - only way to flash it like that is via a usb stick, it makes you interact with it. the exe bios updates you release don't restart the computer and make you say, yes i approve of this bios.
tried everything - last thing was resetting my system, which i did. still getting the BSOD. so angry - my alienware lasted me from 2013 to 2022 when i bought this thing , gives me more problems than liquid cooling

I didn't try pulling the CMOS battery out, how many end users would you expect to know how to do that anyways? shouldn't be necessary

I shouldn't be punished for keeping my hardware drivers up to date imo - after Dell / Alienware quit supporting my system i manually updated its hardware interfaces to new software. makes me angry - especially since it's less than a year since i bought this thing.