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Evga gtx 1060 sc in ROG G20AJ ??

Level 7
I was wondering if a model like the eVGA gtx 1060 sc model would work in the ROG G20AJ. The dimension seem to be reference and i have both psus needed but the model is open air. On the other hand evga has realeased a bios update so that the gpu doesnt use the fan until 60C and from benchmarks, it seems to be very close to only around 0-5 degrees over 60. This would mean in theory that the gpu is mostly not blasting around hot air around the chassis.
Any answers or theories are appreciated.


Level 7
I think that non reference card for g20 is a bad idea. Because will be overheat. Hot air will not be disposed outside the housing.

Level 11
I always try and tell people to buy the founders edition of the gtx 1070 or 1080 just due to the blower style gpu, if its open style. the case itself will get hot and the heat will rise and pass the cpu and will cause that to also heat up, which will cause your fans to speed up to keep the cpu cool