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Does 1050ti work in ROG G20? (230w)

Level 7
I am completely willing to buy a 180w power brick if I need to. I am just worried that it will only give power to the 6/8pin connectors which the mini 1050ti doesn't have. I need to know if the 180w power brick will supply power to the PCIE or if it will just give it to the 6/8pin. The large 1050tis have two fans and I am wondering if those would be blocked by the case? If anybody is able to see a graphics card with dual fans in a g20 please tell me. I tried talking to asus customer support, but of course, they didn't help at all, one guy just apologized once for being long and abandoned me for an hour before I gave up, and the woman just said you cant upgrade a g20.. which this forum says otherwise

Level 10
you don`t need additional 180w adapter, even gtx1060 will works perfectly on G20 with only a single 230w adapter. The whole system won`t even reach 230w when fully load.