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Desperate on getting Linux to run on my G15DS

Level 7

Hi all


First: this might gonna get a long one, but I‘m desperately looking for help!

Second: I‘m a total newb on Linux, so I have really limited Linux know-how.



Asus ROG Strix G15DS-R7700X088W

AMD Ryzen 7 7700X

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

2x 1TB SSDs; 1x M2 NVME with W11 running, 1x SATA



Running Dual Boot with W11 on the first, M2 SSD (already running fine) and Linux (Nobara preferred) on the second, SATA SSD


Distros I tried:

  • Nobara 39
  • Fedora 39
  • Fedora 38
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Pop!_OS


Problem I run into:

I can‘t boot even from the LiveUSB without the „acpi=off“ option. If I do, I get just a black Screen (with Backlight still on) or, if I get into the Grub options first, there‘s only „booting command list“ visible but nothing else happens (even with „quiet“ disabled, no info on the Screen at all).

One thing I noticed, since my Keyboard, Mouse and Mousemat (Razerfly) have lighting, when I try to boot without the acpi=off, they go dark. And stay dark. With acpi=off the keyboard alone goes dark but then lights up again after 2-3 seconds.

If I run it with acpi=off, I can boot and install, but I then have to boot every time with acpi=off. This leads to the graphics driver not being recognized by the OS and running always in 1024x768 „software rendering“ resolution (even with proper drivers installed and enabled and nouveau on blacklist). So just let „acpi=off“ enabled isn‘t an option.


I did, after researching for several hours, try with various other options (nomodeset, acpi=ht, pci=biosirq, noapic, nolapic, and so on, tried a ton of those) but nothing did the trick - always black screen of death without acpi=off.


I did update my BIOS to the latest Version (306), did try every possibilty of options enabled/disabled (Fast Boot, Secure Boot, IOMMU, acpi settings in BIOS, secondary on-board Graphics,…) with no change.


Since I ran out of options (in relation to my google and reddit search skills), knowledge (total newb on Linux) and possibility to ask friends (that know more about linux than me), I‘m desperate enough to ask for help.


You are my last hope, before giving up on Linux with my PC.


If someone has an idea I could try or even a solution, I‘d be endlessly thankful!


If I missed some info or something is needed, don‘t hesitate to as for specific details.


Level 8


Have you been having trouble getting Linux to operate on your Asus ROG Strix G15DS? That "acpi=off" workaround is annoying, and having your peripherals go dark without it sounds like a headache.

You've tried a variety of distributions, BIOS updates, and tweaks. Have you reached out to the Linux community? Sometimes they are the gurus you require.

Hang in there, man. Linux can be a beast but don't give up just yet. Someone out there could have the secret to tame it on your machine. Good luck!👌


thanks for replying - unfortunately I wasn‘t able to overcome it yet, I reached out to various communities (on reddit, discord, kbin/lemmy) and did test even more options with no resolution yet.

I already got some serious headaches about that problem, so I‘m considering switching the MoBo since it looks like that I can‘t get it fixed…